From the recording Buzz & Bloom [2018]

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Up on my
Private desert island
Without a worry or care

Yes, I was livin high on my
Private desert Island
Till somethin spoiled the air
A strange nightmare--

Of two souls
Who came to my Round
Fumbled their way
Through an endless maze
With the Sun beating down--

Those beauties of mine
Turned on a dime
And just in their way,
Rapid decay
They fell to the ground

As they gazed up at my sky
A shootin star went by
Burning ball of light
I saw it move through their eyes, and I cried
I know how this goes,
Still, won’t you try
Burn slow for me.

Soon everything will be just fine
Up on my Desert Island
We'll have no worries or cares,
Yes we will be livin' high
Up on my Desert Island