From the recording Buzz & Bloom [2018]

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When there’s a
Bone cold chill
On a hot summer’s day (or a)
Dizzy spell day dream
Floats me away to some
Unfamiliar place, a face that
Makes my stomach drop (or a)
A slippery melody that can’t be caught--

I look for the girl with big doe eyes
A part of me always out of time
Loopin’ in circles
Tangled, intertwined (in the)
Spin of the wheel, the tick of the wind
Spin of the wheel, tick of the wind

Mirror mirror on my wall
Won’t you show me somehtin'
To make sense of it all (cause I’m)
Movin in circles
Chasin’ my tale
Endlessly searchin, but to no avail --

Then through the
Spin of the wheel, tick of the wind
I saw the girl grown old and wise (and she)
Stared at me sweetly as she sighed
“What once was yours, soon it will be mine”
Spin of the wheel tick of the wind.